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Cliente Lego
Construction toys


Lego System


The set was designed by prm design for LEGO SYSTEM, for their extensive portfolio of themed games. Construction games, a great classic of all time, are among the most appreciated and unforgettable experiences of every child.


"What if instead of making and undoing we make them transform?"
Disassembling and rebuilding again can sometimes seem less fun than transforming what we already have. We then designed this play set with transforming models.

Challenge and response

As with all game sets, the challenge here is to make a lasting impact, possess a wide range of functions and features, and keep production costs down. The designer's skill lies not only in creating an elegant and fun gaming experience, but also in finding those appropriate technical solutions that maximize feasibility and reach the target production cost.


Concept design, model builder
Cliente Awards
Art & design

A 'Design Award and Competition - Annual international design competition

Food Stories - Centerpiece Collection


The project was created for A 'Design Award & Competition, the world's largest design competition.
The A 'Design awards are intended to highlight outstanding designers in all countries of the world. The project started in February 2014 in Milan and ended in April of the same year. It was exhibited at the “Fuori Salone” 2014, Navigli Design District.


"The ordered chaos of nature"
Nature in all its manifestations hides an essence of geometric precision. Organic, spontaneous and disruptive growth only apparently does not seem to obey any rules. In reality, in the riot of life and irregular shapes there is always an intrinsic regularity.

Challenge and response

The fascination of this philosophical vision of nature, which originates in Greek thought, is translated into everyday life, in a moment of conviviality. The result is a collection of centerpieces, made of steel plates that together create branched shapes. An ongoing story, from which everyone can build their piece. Each branch of the steel centerpiece can in fact host portions of finger food to accompany refreshments or aperitifs.


concept design, prototyping, production
Cliente Vestel
Consumer electronics


Tv Stand


The TV support was created by prm design for VESTEL, a company operating in the field of consumer electronics.


"A tape to make the TV float, supporting it"
TV over the years has become thinner and thinner, but with larger and larger screens. It is itself a design object. By working with a view to "less is more" we make the support essential, as light as a ribbon.

Challenge and response

Designing a TV stand can be difficult, especially in such a mature market. The key element to stand out from competitors is design, with materials, shape and color that stimulate emotional perception. The ribbon theme helps to perceive the lightness of the whole product.


Concept design, rendering
Cliente Bolton Manitoba

Bolton Manitoba

WC Net Professional Turbo


We were called upon by Bolton Manitoba to develop an effective concept for the packaging of a drain plug designed for difficult clogged sink.


"The bottle must also demonstrate the effectiveness of the product"
The new super-concentrated formula of the product eliminates clogging in sink in 5 minutes. The challenge is to make the product distinctive from others and talk about its effectiveness right from the bottle, which must communicate the product's mission at a glance to the consumer, right from the supermarket shelf.

Challenge and response

The bottle expresses the exceptional performance of WC Net Professional Turbo, with clear references to professional products used in emergency situations. To achieve this, we have studied the best ergonomic solution and we have meticulously checked proportions, weight distributions and surface grip. The mode of handle and surface textures sculpt the line of the bottle and guide the consumer to the correct use of the product.


concept exploration, product design
Cliente Kinder
Food and beverage

Ferrero-Kinder Joy

Finger Toys


The customer's request was to create an active game, “ready to play” and to take anywhere with you, capable of stimulating sociality. Suitably made for playing alone which makes it more fun if together with other children. The product belongs to the Kinder Joy summer collection and is aimed at children from 6 to 10 years.


"A world of games where you only need two fingers!"
What do you do in the summer? You play outdoors, you go on a bike, on a skateboard or on rollerblades, you run and do "battles" with refreshing water guns. All this can be done… with just two fingers! Fingers are part of the game. The game is not simply a worn accessory. The challenge is with friends' fingers.

Challenge and response

With Finger Toys we create a mini version of traditional summer outdoor games, to be worn on the fingers. Thus, you can run around with a mini bike or a mini skateboard, or dribble obstacles with a mini scooter, or make jumps with mini rollerblades. Still, you can challenge your friends with mini water guns to wear on your finger. Not only that: a part of the packaging is perfectly integrated into the structure of the game, thus making it possible to use.


Concept exploration, ideation and product design, CMF, executive graphics of the stickers

Other projects

Cliente Hasbro
E-learning toys


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Cliente Geomag
Magnetic toys

Geomag World

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Cliente Kinder Ferrero
Food and beverage

Kinder Ferrero

Packaging for fun

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Cliente PRM Design
Art & design

prm design

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Cliente 3M
Consumer electronics



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