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We help you grow your business with projects and experiences that people love

Investing in design can add value to your business. From the design of toys to the study of packaging, from STEM games to prototyping our creations want to respond to human needs and are centered on the green philosophy.

Our Formulas

Each project is unique and we are aware of it. To take the first steps together, we have grouped together some of the most frequent requests and translated them into "formulas"

STEM & EduVation

Getting kids interested in science, technology, engineering, and math isn't always an easy task. Given the growing interest in the field of science education we have developed teaching strategies aimed at children.

"Green" Transformation

The world of industry is now more than ever forced to promote a sustainable approach, a process that is no doubt full of obstacles. When we talk about materials and innovative product development processes we know exactly how to move!

Innovation Start up

Every success story comes from an idea. To sustain the long journey to success it is essential to be accompanied by affordable partners. Thanks to the wide range of specific services we offer, we are the partner you need.

Tech & learn

Thanks to the great teaching experience developed over the years we know the "game" of teaching and learning well. We offer companies workshops and training courses to increase creativity and design thinking.

Our mission is to let you find your success and define it with you: keeping you on course throughout the journey towards your value proposition

Prm design helps you to develop a relevant proposal for final consumers and to create a sustainable business.

Design Thinking, based on the Double Diamond (input-processing-output) model, searches for the unsatisfied needs of the consumer through empathy to identifying a problem. Our method, complementary to Design Thinking, starts from the “agile” method used today in the software world. We start from an initial solution and then continuously improve it based on the consumer's responses. Each progress in the project is for us the enter into a loop to be continuously verified. Following Gui Bonsiepe's theory, this agile approach creates cultural benefits as well as economic benefits for our customers.

PRM Design Processo

1. Gaseous Phase - Analysis of cultural trends, research and design strategy

Valuable design always starts with a deep analysis of cultural trends. To understand, seek relationships, inspire new ideas, test intuitions and potential, observe and learn. And we are at the first step of our journey: learning through research and always discovering new possibilities.

Once this process is complete, we are ready to explore any intuition with experimentation and verification. To then repeat the process, if the result is not the best for us.

2. Liquid phase - Definition of a concept, design and development.

We consider a successful project that takes shape with a circular process, in which each phase is confirmed or denied by the consumer. From the definition of a concept we proceed smoothly to the checks with the consumer, and we establish a continuous dialogue with him to better understand his wishes, latent and expressed.

If our concept meets the consumer's taste, we move on to the next stage of production, considering all regulations, construction, economic, ethical aspects, its environmental sustainability and life cycle, until the product is launched in the market.

3. Solid phase - Engineering

Careful design engineering makes the difference. Collecting continuous feedback from users, proceeding quickly from the simplest prototypes to the most realistic samples is essential for evolving towards a successful product, service or experience.

To proceed and give shape to a product or service, we create advanced parametric models made using mechanical engineering tools such as CREO software. With this methodology we can reduce production costs and speed up the “time to market”, making you gain a competitive advantage. Design for manufacturing allows us to evolve our solutions going directly from the design phase to the production phase, without the need for molds for the production of small batches.

The advanced solutions of prm design

We are equipped with an advanced laboratory dedicated to product engineering and prototyping. We create the most complex shapes (Franken model, Volumetric model, Presentation model, Working prototype, 3D printing) with digital processes to allow:

  • Quick times
  • Wide variety of materials
  • Finishes for every single need

In our team we have introduced Kuka, the first robot to support design


Case Studies

Discover how we have helped companies transform concepts into products and solutions.

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