Name: Alpha Team
Client: LEGO
Year: 2004
Activity: concept, design

Lego engaged us in collaborating to the development of a new game set for the product line Alpha Team. The brief expected to create an Alpha Team adventure version in the frozen environment; we proposed a group of complementary characters and special vehicles, able to defeat the “evil” that wanted to freeze the planet. We were asked to go beyond the traditional idea of “build and rebuild” and to create a second line of transformable vehicles.

The developed models allow to play following the secret missions modalities, maintaining suspense and a captivating rhythm. Lego, world leader in construction games, needed to enter the little girls sector with a complete line of products that would introduce Lego values in the female ways of playing: personalise, organise, wear. With the support of Lego’s competences we began a deep research on the world of young girls, gathering information, impressions, trends and ideas all over the world.

To maintain the Lego values we organised the products in a complete new modular system, attractive and versatile, to create a broad range of products, from jewels to room decorations. The product line arrived on the market with the name of Clikits, a system that can be renewed and updated following new trends and fashion changes.