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Name: Lithotripsy system
Client: Alliance Medical
Year: 2010
Activity: concept, design, engineering and prototyping

This is a newly developed triple focus piezoelectric shock wave source equipment for extracorporeal lithotripsy.

The modularity of the device allows individual system demands to be taken into account. This means that various location systems can be combined with the lithotriptor module to create an ergonomically optimized workplace. A stationary arrangement of the devices allows direct access to the system without having to readjust the components.

On the other hand, since the equipment requires no installation work, it can easily be set up in another room. To allow its use at different treatment locations, the system is so flexible that it can be transported quickly from one place to another. It can be used as a fully mobile, transportable lithotriptor. The radiation exposure is low for both physician and patient. Remote diagnostics for fast and cost-saving service support.