The innovation centered approach of prm design

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  • Culture and Trend analysis
  • Product and Design analysis
  • Input data management
  • Visual Brainstorming
  • Concept Sketches
  • Concept Rendering
  • Color Material and Finishing
  • Visual Brand languages
  • Interaction design

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  • Ergonomy
  • Styling
  • Design for children
  • Human machine interface
  • Design/product development
  • Concept validation
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Consumer Test

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  • CAD
  • CAE
  • FEM analisys
  • CAM
  • Specifications for manufacturing
  • Assembly drawings
  • Material test
  • Rapid Tooling
  • Pilot moulds



3 steps to innovation.


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Market & Consumers research

Every innovation process, related to production and selling activity must be supported by a deep market analysis to identify the needs, understand the characteristics, opportunities & transformations in the area of interest, and foreseeing new scenarios and behaviors.

Innovation for tangible results

Looking for innovation in design?

We love to think of the world from a different angle. We like to approach design with a bit of twist. It makes possible to imagine beyond knowledge.

This is the best we can really do in our focus group. It is turned into a benefit for the companies. The research is made of creativity, knowledge, experimentation and testing.

Please learn more about the one-day-projects offer.

[/panel] [panel title=” LOOKING FOR RAPID PROTOTYPING “]

Industrial design & Engineering

Industrial design makes the difference among products of the same category.

We do from concept sketches to concept rendering trough advanced design modeling tools. Our partner provides mechanical engineering functions using a variety of advanced tools.

Prototyping and Manufacturing

Do you ask for a solid model of your ideas? We have in-house direct milling facilities. By now you can evaluate your design directly in your hands. Just send a mail for quotation.

Please learn more about the rapid prototyping offer.

[/panel] [panel title=” LOOKING FOR TRAINING “]

Training on the job

Thanks to our know-how and our experience we have created a design institute, expressly dedicated to spreading methodology skills, handling of the creative process and experimentation.

The activity is directed to professionals and companies that have chosen to invest in high-level training.

Dedicated CAD/CAM training

It is the technology that allowed creativity to be connected to the industrial process and to speak the “production language”.

To develop professional competence and build up your own future.

Basic and advance CAD/CAM modeling training, specially designed for Industrial design and Jewellery design.

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