The best packaging for you? Let’s make it together.

Packaging design is one component of the mix of activities involved in moving goods from producer to consumer.

Our Design for Manufacturing knowledge enables us to tackle our clients’ issues related to containing, protecting, transporting, dispensing, storing, identifying and differentiating a product in the marketplace.

Working with us allows you to take full advantage of:
– our close support right from the concept generation phase, including brainstormings, illustrations and other useful material;
– a frequent interaction between our Design team and your R&D, for an agile product development;
– our pre-engineering services which include 3D files for rapid prototyping, renders even prototypes as deliverables.

While developing a product, we assess its entire life cycle together with our clients. We go through all the possible aspects to tweak, from reducing the materials’ mass to making the production more efficient, in order to reduce the environmental impact.

By deciding upon the look, configuration, materials, colour, imagery, typography and product-related regulatory information, we are capable of distinctively communicate a product’s personality and function. Our practical and good looking bottles, spouts, caps, blisters, boxes and pouches can be found on the shelves of your regular grocery store, doning brands from Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, Bolton Manitoba, Desa Group for example

What’s the next step ?

It’s a fact that an increase in goods’ consumption comes with an increase in waste, mostly non-reused and non-recyclable plastic packaging.

With ecological concerns like “plastic continents” in the ocean vortexes or “trash beaches”, jumping the gun and outrace a greater environmental disater is the best course of action. A planned out initiative which reduces both the actual and the potential amount of plastic waste is needed, and it will certainly involve a totally new kind of packaging. It might be “smart” or more “technological”, but it should hack the current concept of packaging and induce a different way of enjoying products without harming the environment.

And we can surely help you with that.


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