You can now learn our Design Thinking method by attending a special course, directed by PRM. Together with Istituto dei Ciechi di Milano, our innovation strategists are organizing a three-day intensive course that will take place this autumn. This course is a practical training to take advantage of Design Thinking in order to make your design more inclusive.


A product or service that is not meant for the standard consumer and does not consider ideal conditions of use.
A product or service that can be used autonomously by anyone.
A product or service that adapts itself with flexibility to different users’ skills and different environmental conditions.

A product or service that is easy to understand and usable with minimum effort, thus minimizing the possibility of errors.
A product or service that can improve everyone’s quality of life.
Not only academies and associations, but also companies dedicate resources to accessibility projects.

1.3 billion disabled people in the world. (La Repubblica, 2016)
4 million 360 thousand disabled people in Italy. (Osservatorio Nazionale sulla Salute nelle Regioni Italiane, 2015)
3 million 167 thousand disabled people in Italy in the last 6 years. (Istat 2013)
253 million people in the world with sight disability. (World Health Organization, 2017)
360 thousand blind people and 1.5 million visually impaired people in Italy. (Osservatorio Nazionale sulla Salute nelle Regioni Italiane/Istat)

According to a research on blind people, conducted in March 2003 on a sample of 1283 blind people (U.I.C. Unione Italiana Ciechi):
43% can do shopping by themselves;
26% in nearby shops;
16 % in superstores;
25% regularly clean their house + 29% occasionally clean their house;
22% regularly use household appliances + 34% occasionally use household appliances.

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