What do we do?

We are based in Italy and we design a lot of gadgets. Our speciality is to design from scratch any gadget, in any shape, in any material, in any size, at very competitive prices.


Easy to budget for your gadget. One single gadget: € 500 + VAT for one design. More than one gadget? Ask for a quotation! Prices are for our standard size and material; for any creative request, just ask!

What do you get?

Send your briefing to us and we will come back to you with a prototype of your gadget. Nice, simple and easy to use gadget in unbranded plastic bag. Need a nice packaging too?

Something extra?

We know our standard gadgets’ design is stunning, however, you may need something different. We are more then glad to design your product since we are product designers. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will give you a great price.

Ask Wilfried if black designers do make the difference in product design!

Exciting building experience open to anyone who loves how things are made. Apply to be part of the RoboLab event at 2018 design week!

Is our packaging design sustainable?