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Design Thinking

Looking for Innovation?

Design Thinking based on the Double Diamond model – input-processing-output – is applicable to every human behaviour including the design process, since it is about all the steps involved in project development. It seeks for the consumer’s unsatisfied needs through empathy in order to identify a problem.

Our method, complementary to Design Thinking, uses the same tools but starts from an existing solution and then continiously perfects it thanks to the consumer’s feedback. By following Gui Bonsiepe’s processing theory, this agile approach creates cultural benefit and economic advantage to our business clients.

Part Design

Looking for DFM?

A great Design Engineering makes the difference in some categories of products.

PRM can help you develop them from the early concept sketches to the final renderings without overlooking the DFM. We realize advanced parametric models made using mechanical engineering tools such as CREO.


Looking for manufacturing?

Do you need to verify how appealing your product concept might result to consumers?

Thanks to our Rapid Tooling capabilities, we can help you with your small scale production. Ask for a quotation by sending us your CAD drawings.