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Design Thinking

Looking for innovation?

The Double Diamond model: input, processing, output is active in the disciplines related to human behaviour including design process. We talk about process to describe the action taken to develop a project.

The processing is the uniqueness from input and output. There are four types of process as theoretically demonstrated by Gui Bonsiepe witch has been elaborated to create cultural benefit and economic advantage to our business clients.

Part Design

Looking for DFM?

Design engineering makes the different in some categories of products.

We do from concept sketches to concept rendering trough advanced design modeling tools. We provide DFM with mechanical engineering functions using CREO with advanced tools.


Looking for manufacturing?

Do you need to validate product concept among consumers? We do rapid tooling for small quantity of selling in samples. Ask for quotation by sending to us your CAD drawings. We ship in few days your order by accessing to our shopping cart home page (available soon).